Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restoration

Research assistant 25-30 %

05.02.2019 Participation to the research project entitled MICMAC, “Microbes for Archaeological waterlogged wood conservation” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and related to the application of a biotechnological extraction method of iron and sulphur species from archaeological waterlogged wood.
The different research activities of the project will allow developing biological processes with the aim to remove harmful iron/sulphur species when wood is still wet before its consolidation. The successful candidate will be involved in the following tasks:
•Documentation and preparation of wood samples contaminated with iron/sulphur species
•Application of chemical extraction methods on wood samples
•Conservation treatment with PEG followed by freeze-drying
•Documentation of the wood samples during conservation processes and ageing procedures
•Assisting th head of the project in evaluating results

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Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restoration


Edith Joseph, main supervisor