Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restoration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Early Stage Researcher (ESR) 100 %

22.01.2019 Doctoral research project entitled: Use of imaging techniques to characterize and monitor the surface of historical oxidized.
Main achievements
Imaging techniques will be used to detect and monitor in a non-invasive way either the early stage formation of oxide films and patina on historical metal artefacts or ageing of a superficial varnish covering them in combination with existing invasive techniques such as electrochemical / spectroscopic studies and examination of materials on cross-sections.

Skills required
-Hold a university Master’s degree in materials science or in imaging, data science, or related fields
-Autonomy, organizational and very good communication skills
-Good level of English (oral and written) is a prerequisite (CEFR Level - B2)

Additional assets
-Knowledge on metals (identification, corrosion) and conservation science
-Technical analytical skills (SEM-EDS, basic electrochemical techniques, XRD, FTIR/Raman spectroscopy)
-Some knowledge of French will be an advantage

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Institution / Name

Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-restoration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)


Christian Degrigny, main supervisor