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Regionalmuseum Gantrisch

The Gantrisch Regional Museum deals with everything that the region, which stretches from the Sense to the Gürbe Valley, has to offer in terms of folklore, history and culture. The exhibition area of the museum is about 330 square meters. A large part of the space is taken up by the successful, annually changing special exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions with numerous objects from the collection are continuously presented in a new way and focus on regionally anchored themes. The collection comprises over 4,000 objects from the region. Among them are archaeological finds that prove the early settlement of this area, as well as objects related to the Way of St. James, the ruins of Grasburg, the early days of tourism, traditional costumes, as well as weights and measures, glass and ceramics, kitchen utensils and equipment used in agriculture and alpine farming. On request, the museum offers access to a documentation center with extensive text and image material of the region.

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Opening 1990

Museum Hauptgebäude
Museum Hauptgebäude
Eingangsbereich des Regionalmuseums Gantrisch
Eingangsbereich des Regionalmuseums Gantrisch
Ausstellungsraum im Keller mit Wintervorrat
Ausstellungsraum im Keller mit Wintervorrat
  • Regional and local
    Regional and local
  • History
  • Thematic cultural asset
    Thematic cultural asset

Location of the museum

Leimern 5
3150 Schwarzenburg


Leimern 5, Dorfzentrum, hinter Gemeindeverwaltung


Von Mai bis November jeweils sonntags von 14 bis 17 Uhr
jederzeit Führungen nach Vereinbarung: T 031 808 00 20 (Zusatzkosten zum Eintritt: Fr. 50.-)


Erwachsene: CHF 8.-
Kinder (schulpflichtig): CHF 4.-

Gruppen ab 10 Personen: Fr. 7.- pro Person
Schulklassen aus der Region: kostenlos, übrige Schulklassen pauschal: CHF 20.-


Regionalmuseum Gantrisch
Leimern 5 Postfach 107
3150 Schwarzenburg
031 808 00 20 Telephone (Geschäftsstelle Naturpark Gantrisch )
  • Museum pass: holders of the Swiss museum pass have free admission.
    Museum pass: holders of the Swiss museum pass have free admission.
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  • Very children and family-friendly
    Very children and family-friendly
  • Partially wheelchair accessible
    Partially wheelchair accessible
  • Very good accessibility with public transport
    Very good accessibility with public transport