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Besucherzentrum ParaForum

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation (SPF)

A place of encounters between visitors and people with a spinal cord injury.

In the ParaForum, you can meet at eye level, satisfy your thirst for knowledge on the topic of spinal cord injuries, and make unforgettable memories.

In our exhibition world, you can experience the life stories of four people with different spinal cord injuries. With a choice of audio devices, short films, and interactive models, each visitor can take as much time as he or she wants to. Sit in a wheelchair yourself and gain a change of perspective. Individual visitors and small groups of up to 10 people do not need to register in advance.

This museum greets you in the following languages: D/F/I/E
Opening 2019


Current exhibitions

Besucherzentrum ParaForum

Das ParaForum ist ein Ort der Begegnung zwischen Besuchenden und Betroffenen. Hier können Sie sich auf Augenhöhe treffen, Ihren Wissensdurst zum Thema Querschnittlähmung stillen und unvergessliche Erfahrungen sammeln.
Erleben Sie auf eigene Faust den Alltag eines Rollstuhlfahrers in der Para-Wohngemeinschaft. Unsere vier fiktiven Protagonisten Sarah, Matteo, Christine und Stefan werden Sie begleiten.
Die Ausstellung ist in folgenden Sprachen dokumentiert: D/F/F/E

The exhibition is documented in the following languages: D/F/I/E
Guided tours are offered in the following languages: D/F/I/E
Besucherzentrum ParaForum

Location of the museum

Guido A. Zächstrasse 3
6207 Nottwil


The campus is a ten-minute walk from the Nottwil railway station, where there are trains every half hour to and from Lucerne, and (via Sursee) to and from Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich. Both the Nottwil railway station and the path to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) are wheelchair friendly. The SPC and Guido A. Zäch Institute (GZI) also benefit from their own bus stop on the regional bus network line.


Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm


Admission to the ParaForum exhibition and the guided tours are free services provided by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.


Besucherzentrum ParaForum
Guido A. Zächstrasse 3
6207 Nottwil
041 939 61 61 Telephone
  • Member of the Swiss Museums Association.
    Member of the Swiss Museums Association.
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  • Completely wheelchair accessible
    Completely wheelchair accessible