Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project

Living Traditions and Museums

The Swiss Museums Association participated in the European project «Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project» (IMP). For three years, the IMP addressed issues related to successful cooperation between museums and practitioners of living traditions, taking into account the opportunities and risks on both sides.


The Swiss Museums Association was part of the European «Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project» (IMP) from 2017 to 2020. During this period, the IMP organized conferences with experts, museum representatives and practitioners of living traditions in its partner countries - Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Switzerland - which addressed the question: How do museums deal with intangible cultural heritage, how to preserve its dynamism, how to develop sensitive cooperation with practitioners, and much more. The most important findings, recommendations and many examples of good practice are available as a guidebook and toolkit.


Toolkit on the website of «Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project»
Guidebook IMP