Swiss Museums Association

Who we are: The Swiss Museums and Collections

With more than 780 institutional members, the Swiss Museums Association represents the interests of all museums in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in encounters with authorities and the public. It promotes contact between museums, sets standards and serves as a forum for ideas and exchanges of experience.

Swiss Museums Association

The Swiss Museums Association was founded in 1966 as a merger of the museums of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 1996, together with the Federal Office for Culture and Swiss Tourism, it initiated the Swiss museum pass. The Swiss Museums Association is a partner of ICOM Switzerland, the Swiss national committee of the International Council of Museums.

Our goals

To give museums a voice

  • For example, with participation in discussions concerning Cultural Policy
  • For example, with the coordination of the International Museum Day in Switzerland*
  • For example, with the publication of the Swiss Museum Guide

Setting standards

  • For example, with submissions on the subjects of inventory and documentation
  • For example, with recommendations on collection strategies
  • For example, with the initiation of a working group on the subject of artist estates

Serving as a forum for ideas and exchange of experiences

  • For example, with the organisation of national thematic conferences
  • For example, with the publication of the Swiss Museums Journal*

*in cooperation with ICOM Switzerland


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