ICOM Switzerland

We are: The Museums Professionals

ICOM Switzerland is the Swiss Association of Museums Professionals. Founded in 1953, ICOM Switzerland is one of the largest national committees of the International Council of Museums ICOM.

ICOM Switzerland

Our goals

To promote international contacts

  • For example, with the regular organisation of trinational congresses with the national committees of the neighbouring countries (Bodensee Symposium with ICOM Germany and ICOM Austria; Rencontres du Léman with ICOM France and ICOM Italy)
  • For example, with the participation of its members in international projects (European career profiles)
  • By playing an active role in the improvement of the central structures of the ICOM, especially in the general assemblies and the meetings of the advisory committee

Integrating ethics into museum work

  • For example, through the publishing of the ethical guidelines of ICOM (Code of Ethics) in German
  • For example, with the integration of ethical content into all training courses organised or supported by the ICOM Switzerland

Ensuring quality in training

  • For example, with the organisation of training courses
  • For example, through cooperation with the universities in the promotion and implementation of a masters degree in museology
  • For example, with the promotion of an ICOM label for training courses for external providers

The International Council of Museums ICOM was founded in 1946 by representatives from 14 nations. ICOM is a non-governmental organisation, formally affiliated with the UNESCO, and is represented in a consultation capacity in the economic and social council of the UNO.

With more than 24,000 members in 150 countries, the International Council of Museums ICOM forms a worldwide network of museum experts from all disciplines and specialisations. With more than 1,500 members, ICOM Switzerland is one of the largest national committees.


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